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What account sizes do you offer?

We provide 4 account sizes. 50K, 100K, 200K and 500K. Simply select the evaluation you'd like to take and proceed to check-out. All information about our evaluations can be found within this FAQ section.

How much experience do I need to apply?

When it comes to trading, experience is extremely subjective. What's important is being confident and having a proper trading plan that works. Our Evaluation is to see if that is exactly what you have. Regardless, we welcome everyone and give everyone an equal opportunity to become a proprietary trader with us.

I've signed up for an Evaluation. What's next?

Congratulations, you're on your way to being one of our Proprietary Traders. Your Evaluation will be processed within 24 business hours and you will receive your credentials via the email associated with your PayPal account. Once your first trade has been placed, your evaluation will begin.

When does my Evaluation begin?

Your Evaluation begins the moment you place your first trade. This means you can start when convenient for you. You have 3 months (90 days) to place a trade before your evaluation is forfeited.

How many Evaluations can I take?

You can take as many Evaluations as you like and also multiple at a time, all the way up to $2,500,000. If you are a business, we have other options available. Please email support@thetradingcapital.com if you have questions.

What is the Profit Target?

During Phase 1, all evaluations have a Profit Target of 8%. During Phase 2, all evaluations have a Profit Target of 5%. There is no profit target once you receive our Prop Trader account.

What is the Maximum Drawdown or Maximum Daily Loss?

During Phase 1, the Maximum Drawdown is 12% and the Maximum Daily Loss is 6%. During Phase 2, the Maximum Drawdown is 10% and the Maximum Daily Loss is 5%. On the Prop Trader account, the Maximum Drawdown is 10% and the Maximum Daily Loss is 5%. All drawdown/maximum loss limits are based on the original balance of your account. Overall, we made the evaluation easier to pass and is the most competetive out of all the proprietary trading firms. Be sure to be aware of the 24-hour daily reset. This applies every 24-hour period starting from 12:00 AM EST (Toronto). Each 24 hour period begins/ends at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (Toronto). Please determine your time zone difference correctly.

How does the Maximum Daily Loss work?

The Maximum Daily Loss is calculated based on your current balance upon the daily reset. During Phase 1, you cannot lose more than 6% of the original base capital in a 24 hour period, which resets at 00:00 EST Toronto Time (07:00 broker time). If your equity falls by this amount or more in the same 24 hour period, you will violate the daily loss. The open/floating drawdown you currently have (if any), will carry-over to the next 24 hour period if you do not close those trades and will count towards your current daily loss. This includes the carry-over from Friday 5:00 PM EST to Sunday 5:00 PM EST. As the market closes on Friday at 5:00 PM EST, there is no daily reset over the weekend. When the market opens on Sunday at 5:00 PM EST, the daily reset will not occur until 7 hours later, at 00:00 EST Toronto Time on Monday. For example, if you have a $100,000 Evaluation, that means your maximum daily loss is $6,000. If upon the daily reset, your current balance is $100,000 and your current floating drawdown is -$5,000, and then you carry that drawdown into the next 24 hour cycle, that means that you still can only afford to lose $1,000 more or else it will count as a violation. However, If you were to close those trades, resulting in a -$5,000 loss before the next daily cycle, you would then go into the new day with no drawdown. You can now afford to lose up to another $6,000 on that new day.

What are the rules and violations?

If any of the following items below occur on your account, it is considered a violation and your account will be terminated (Evaluation and Prop Trader): 1. Exceeding the Maximum Loss 2. Exceeding the Maximum Daily Loss 3. Trading any of the restricted symbols. 4. Retail Arbitrage/Manipulation 5. Carry Trading/Swap/Broker Manipulation & Other forms of taking advantage of demo conditions.

What happens if I violate any trading parameters?

If any trading parameters are violated, our detection system will immediately close all open positions and a notification is logged into our system and sent to our staff. From there, our staff will contact you shortly or at the end of your trading period and review your Evaluation.

What is the duration of the Evaluation?

Evaluations have 2 Phases Phase 1 lasts 4 weeks or 20 trading days, with a minimum of 10 trading days required. Phase 2 lasts 4 weeks or 20 trading days days as well, with a minimum of 10 trading days required. If both phases are completed successfully and all parameters are met, you will be become one of our prop traders. Once you purchase an Evaluation, you will receive your credentials within 24-48 hours hours (usually same day)..

Can I use EA's during my Evaluation?

Yes, you can. In fact, you can use EA's after your evaluation as well once you receive our Prop Trader accounts. As long as you manage risk properly, are successful and the results reflect real market conditions, you can use EA's.

Can I Copy-Trade?

Yes, but only up to $2,500,000 in capital across our platform. If you have multiple accounts with us, you can copy trade across them, but we suggest you request a merge so all your capital can be in 1 account, as sometimes even trade copiers can malfunction and cause issues. Seconds matter when it comes to trading.

Can I trade during the news?

Yes, we allow traders to trade during all news events, minor and major.

Can I hold trades over the weekend?

Absolutely. We know some traders take positions on larger time frames and require their trades to be held over a period of time. We respect and support that. However, please be aware of gaps in the market. If trading parameters are violated due to this, it will count as a violation.

I passed the Evaluation, what's next?

First of all, congratulations on passing the Evaluation! If you have successfully passed Phase 1 or Phase 2 of our Evaluation, our support team will reach out to you within 24-48 business hours and ensure you proceed to the next step. Feel free to send us an email at support@thetradingcapital.com upon completing any phases.

Do you offer a free retry?

Even though we've made our evaluation incredibly fair for all traders, yes, we do allow for one free retry, providing that none of the trading parameters have been violated and your account is in a neutral or positive balance by the end of your Evaluation period. You will only be able to receive your retry once your evaluation has reached the end of its trading period. If you fail the Evaluation and do not qualify for a retry, you can request another paid Evaluation.

Can I reset my account if I violate parameters?

We do not offer resets for violations. We have made our Evaluation more than fair with a lot of breathing room. If you fail to meet parameters you will need to retake the Evaluation.

Do you offer a refund/rebate on the Evaluation?

Absolutely. Once you receive your Prop Trader Account, you will have 120% of your Evaluation Fee reimbursed to you with your first successful profit-split.

Are you a broker?

No, we are not a broker. We are a Proprietary Trading Company.

What platform & broker do you use?

We operate on the MT4 platform and our chosen broker is © FXPRIMUS 2021. To download the platform follow the link: FXPrimus MT4 Installer We use this broker because they provide flexibility and great execution speed. They also allow for higher leverage. Please note that we not in an official partnership with FXPrimus. We chose this broker simply because of their reliability and helps makes the Evaluation easier for our traders. For individuals who operate multiple trading accounts, or use MT5, you can simply use a trade copier. You can also message live chat or support@thetradingcapital.com for more inquiries. To do this we recommend FXBlue. You can visit their website at: https://www.fxblue.com/internettrademirror/

Do you offer a free trial or demo?

You can try a demo account by simply downloading and installing the MT4 platform below. Upon launching, you can create a demo account using the PrimusMarkets-Practice as the server of choice. Set your desired balance and use the ECNProPRM as the Account Type. FXPrimus MT4 Installer

I use MT5, can I still take your Evaluation?

Absolutely. Although we've switch to MT4 only, you can simply execute your trades from your familiar MT5 platform and use a trade copier to send your trades over, we allow it. To do this we recommend FXBlue. You can visit their website at: https://www.fxblue.com/internettrademirror/ Additionally, you can contact live chat or support@thetradingcapital.com and we may be able to assist you personally regarding MT5 use.

What instruments/symbols can I trade?

Allowed Symbols: All Forex Pairs
Gold, Silver and Platinum
Indicies (DJ, ND & S&P500 ONLY)
Oil Restricted Symbols: Crypto Currencies Mini Index
US Equities Please note that if any of the restricted symbols are traded on your account at any stage, it will be considered a violation.

What are the spreads/commissions etc?

ECN - Tighter spreads with commissions. By default, traders will receive ECN accounts. To view spreads, please follow the FAQ to create a demo account to fully experience with 100% accuracy the same trading conditions you will have as our evaluation accounts.

Is there a lot size limit?

There is no set lot size limit. The only limitation is based on your maximum margin available based on your platform/balance and broker. However, if your lot sizes suddenly fluctuates dramatically, or you take huge gambles with massive lot sizes for quick wins or one-hit-wonders, we will not accept this.

Do I have to pay for my losses?

Absolutely not. All losses during Evaluation are on a demo account and even when you are a Prop Trader with us, you are not liable for any losses.

What is your leverage?

We use 1:100 leverage on all accounts, Evaluation and Prop Trader accounts.

Do you allow hedging?

Yes, we allow hedging on our Evaluation and Prop Trader accounts.

What time zone does your 24 hour cycle work on?

When it comes to the Maximum Daily Loss rule, it begins/resets at 00:00 AM EST each day Toronto time, which would be 07:00 broker time within the MT4 Platform.

Do you have a dashboard or metrix area?

At this time we do not have a dashboard. It is something we may implement in the future, however we have a different take on this subject. If traders need a dashboard to track themselves, our belief is that they aren't truly ready to be proprietary trader. Having a trading plan and journaling your trades is an absolute for traders who are serious and want to operate at a higher level. There are also many great third party tools such as FXBlue, MyFXBook and other resources you can use to track your results.

It's been more than 24 hours. Where are my credentials?

All credentials are processed and sent within 24 business hours. If you still have not received your credentials, you are likely checking the wrong email. We always send your credentials to the email associated with your PayPal account, not the email you sign-up with. So please be aware of that and check the correct email before contacting support.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do have an affiliate program. You can become an affiliate and begin earning 10% commission on every enrollment you bring in. To learn more, visit our affiliates page here and email support@thetradingcapital.com

Can I use any strategy?

Yes, you can use any strategy, however in order to protect our capital, we must diversify our risk. A single strategy cannot be used beyond $2,500,000 in capital. If you have a strategy that exceeds $2,500,000 in capital across our platform, you will need to revise or change your strategy

Do you guarantee funding?

Yes, so long as you follow all of the rules accordinly, we guarantee funding. Previously we would put traders through a rigorous review to ensure that they are a good fit for us and do not use any high-risk strategies that may be deemed as gambling. Upon moving into 2022 and having massive growth, we've been able to update our policies and processes. We're able to support more traders and improve conditions for you. As of now, so long as you follow all of the rules and pass our evaluation successfully, you will be guaranteed funding 100%